Model 3500 Specification and Options

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Processor Intel® Celeron® 1.7GHz CPU black.gif (106 bytes)Support Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Up to 2.53GHz
Support Intel® Mobile Pentium® 4 Processor-M Up to 2.2GHz
black.gif (841 bytes)Support 400 / 533MHz System Bus
Core Logic black.gif (106 bytes)SiS M650 + SiS 962
Support 400 / 533MHz System Bus and 4x AGP Bus
Cache black.gif (106 bytes)512 KB Full-speed On-Die L2 Cache
Memory 128MB DDR black.gif (106 bytes)0 MB Memory On Board, User Upgradable to 1GB
Two 200-pin SODIMM Sockets, DDR SDRAM Supported
Expandable with Combination of Optional 128/256/512MB Memory
Display black.gif (106 bytes)15" XGA TFT LCD with Resolution 1024X768 Pixel
Optional 15" SXGA TFT LCD with Resolution 1400X1050 Pixel
Video system black.gif (106 bytes)SiS650 Integrated 2D / 3D Graphics Accelerator
4X AGP Architecture Graphics Capability, 3D Graphics Supported
black.gif (106 bytes)Support LCD and CRT Simultaneous Display Mode, Support TV Out
black.gif (106 bytes)8/16/32/64MB User Adjustable Video Share Memory Architecture
black.gif (106 bytes)Enhanced H/W DVD Playback
Audio System black.gif (106 bytes) ALC201 AC97 V2.2 Compliant Audio Controller
black.gif (106 bytes)One Internal Microphone and Two Stereo Speakers Built-in
black.gif (106 bytes)External Microphone-in Jack and Headphone-out Jack Built-in
Hard Drive 20GB HDD black.gif (106 bytes)2.5", 9.5mm Height HDD, Enhanced IDE
black.gif (841 bytes)Ultra DMA 66/100 Mode Supported
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional 20 / 30 / 40 / 60GB Supported
Optical Device 12.7mm Height Built-in 24X CD-ROM
Optional DVD-ROM or CD-RW Drive
Optional DVD/CD-RW Comb Drive
Floppy Drive black.gif (106 bytes)Built-in 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Dive
BIOS black.gif (841 bytes) ACPI Compliance / Plug and Play Supported
PC Card Slot black.gif (106 bytes)One Slot Support One Type II PCMCIA Card
black.gif (841 bytes)O2Micro OZ6912 PCI Cardbus Controller
Communication black.gif (841 bytes)Built-in 56K bps V.90 Fax Modem
black.gif (841 bytes)Built-in On Board SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Optional IEEE 802.11b Wireless Ethernet Adapter
IEEE 1394 IEEE 1394 OHCI Integrated Host Controller
Keyboard black.gif (841 bytes)87/88 Keys with 19.0mm Pitch
Support Windows 98 Keys
Buttons One Internet Browser Quick Start Button
One E-mail Quick Start Button
Power Switch Button
Pointing Device black.gif (106 bytes)Touch Pad with Two Tap Buttons and Page Up/Down Scroll Button
I/O Ports black.gif (841 bytes)EPP/ECP Compliant Parallel Port / Infrared Port
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Port

black.gif (841 bytes)RJ45 Port for Ethernet Card / RJ-11Port for Fax Modem
black.gif (841 bytes)IEEE 1394 Port
/ Two USB 2.0 Ports
black.gif (106 bytes)External VGA Port / S-Video TV Output Port / DC-In
put Port
black.gif (106 bytes)Headphone-Out Jack / MIC-in Jack / Kensington Lock Slot
Battery black.gif (106 bytes)LI-ION Battery with 11.1V~6000mAh Capacity
AC Adapter black.gif (106 bytes)100-240V~1.5A  50-60Hz  Universal AC Input
black.gif (841 bytes)19V~4.74A 90W DC Output
Weight 7.84lbs (3.56kg) with 15" display, Battery and HDD
Dimension 12.80"(W) X 10.63"(D) X 1.58"(H) (325mm X 280mm X 40mm)
Accessory black.gif (106 bytes)Power Cord / Utility and Drivers CD Disk / User's Manual
Operating System black.gif (106 bytes)Microsoft® Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
Security black.gif (841 bytes)System Password Protection Supported by BIOS Setting
black.gif (841 bytes)Kensington Lock Slot
black.gif (841 bytes)
Optional Notebook Security Guardian
Options black.gif (841 bytes)Mini Optical Mouse / 11M bps Wireless System
5-in-1 USB CardReader / 15" LCD Monitor / 18" TV LCD Monitor
black.gif (841 bytes)USB External HDD KIT 10GB/20GB/30/40GB
black.gif (841 bytes)Universal Car DC/AC Adapter / Touch Verification PCMCIA Card
black.gif (841 bytes)Mini USB CD-RW / USB Port-Replicator
black.gif (841 bytes)USB GPS / USB 3-in-One Multi-Purpose Camera
black.gif (841 bytes)Optional 3 or 4 Years Extended Warranty
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