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25H4883 08K3131 F1398A F1350-60907  P000205890
07G1876 274774-001  CA20289-B38X F1372A  TC953E-001-C1 
06G9902 254103-001  P000257250  930CN  NBPT-52604 
04H8343 40H6469  A-8045-384-A  3703D  182427
04H8342 F1350-60922  158848-001  46WDN 2333R
90X9355  142962-001   F000000070  4P515 4M984
7G1371  332246-001   122697-001  5P255 7D845
72X8516  P000270050  F1371A 5P926 F1373A
65G9714  P000294270  F1399A 9692D 08K3101
65G9711 F1350-69040 F1189-60902 3604T 4P515
6511-N91BL F1350-60940 F1189-69001 930CN 88DRE
6323740 F1371-60911  AL440LX  03KEN 9692D
92F0394 FMX293  P000258420  1D197 6142D
96G1379 P000264010  222699-001 7H373 2844T
P000211360 1200L  261823-001 9182C 002UH
222109-001 309638-001  AA666741-602 783KV 2504W
237353-001 219809-001 F1928A-MB  8N816 2844T
251368-001 311282-001 10L1175 4P515 2504W
253914-001 198689-001 10L1343 7H373 7C456
10L1175 319449-001 40H6392 5E692 0460E
10L1272 08K3102 0460E 9D307 46WDN
10L1285 A8066916A K000823200 P000205730 6807D
10L1410 A8025383A K000680360 P000257250 6142D
10L1505 A8066159A K000850140 P000304270 2844T
10L1658 A8056807A P000276310 P000244110 002UH
A8066955A A8047813A P000284760 6142D 05K3143
A8044558A A8047827A P000270780 9692D 7360DT
A8045182A 1-679-213-11 P000277840 2829D 262407-001
A8044994A MBX-43 P000299490 7233T 207655-001
A8066061A A8066159A P000304570 4717U 207657-001
A8047824A A8059270A P000248910 273671-001 159527-001
A8025455A 04H8343 92F0394 65G9714 7G1371
25H4883 04H8342 96G1379 65G9711 15F6969
07G1876 90X9355 72X8516 6511-N91BL 8529238
06G9902 15F8378 15F8378 15F6969 6323740


Ascentia 900N, 910N OmniBook 6000I ThinkPad 760C
Ascentia 950N OmniBook 6000 ThinkPad 760L
Armada E500 OmniBook 6000 ThinkPad 760E
Armada M300, OmniBook 6000 ThinkPad 760XL
Armada M700 OmniBook 6000 ThinkPad 765D
Insipron 2000 OmniBook 6100 ThinkPad 770
Insipron 3000 OmniBook 6100 ThinkPad 770E
Insipron 3200 OmniBook 7000 ThinkPad 770X
Insipron 3500 OmniBook 7100 ThinkPad 770Z
Insipron 3700 Pavilion n3000 ThinkPad i
Insipron 4000 Pavilion n5000 ThinkPad i
Inspiron 5000 Pavilion n6000 ThinkPad A20
Inspiron 7000 Pavilion X, Z ThinkPad A21e
Insprion 8000 OmniBook XE ThinkPad A30
Insprion 8100 OmniBook XE-2 ThinkPad A31
Latitude C400 OmniBook XE-3 ThinkPad R30
Latitude L400 ThinkPad 240 ThinkPad R31
Latitude C500 ThinkPad 240X ThinkPad S30
Latitude C600 ThinkPad 300 ThinkPad T20
Latitude C800 ThinkPad 365X ThinkPad T30
Latitude CP ThinkPad 370C ThinkPad X20
Latitude CPi, ThinkPad 380XD Versa 2600
Latitude CPt ThinkPad 380Z Versa 4200
Latitude CPx ThinkPad 390 Vaio PCG-F3
Latitude CS, ThinkPad 390E Vaio PCG-F4
Latitude LS ThinkPad 390X Vaio PCG-F5
Latitude LT ThinkPad 560X Vaio PCG-F6
Latitude XP ThinkPad 560Z VaioPCG-FX1
Latitude XPi ThinkPad 570 Vaio PCG-FX2
HiNote 450, 475 ThinkPad 570E Vaio PCG-FX210
HiNote Ultra 2000  ThinkPad 600 Vaio PCG-FX3
OmniBook 500 ThinkPad 600E Vaio PCG-FXA
OmniBook 900 ThinkPad 600X Vaio PCG-GR
OmniBook 900 B ThinkPad 700 Vaio PCG-GR
OmniBook 2000 ThinkPad 750 Vaio PCG-NV
OmniBook 3000 ThinkPad 750Ce Vaio PCG-R505
OmniBook 4100 ThinkPad 755C Vaio PCG-SR
OmniBook 4150 ThinkPad 755CD Vaio PCG-SR
OmniBook 4150 B ThinkPad 755CE Vaio PCG-VX
OmniBook 6000 ThinkPad 755CX Vaio PCG-XG
  ThinkPad 755CV