The only way to know which screen it takes is to remove it from the bezel (plastic frame). The manufacturer & model number will be visible. Yours may be a bit different, but this should get you going.


Laptop Screen Replacement Instructions
Please power OFF the computer and remove the battery and AC power connection.
LCD Circuits contain HIGH VOLTAGE, and are dangerous to work with!

Step 1

Screw removal!

The bezel that covers your screen is usually attached by four screws. For aesthetic reasons, they are covered with a piece of tape that is the same color as the plastic covers.

Identify those pieces of tape and remove them.

Next remove the screws from the four corners.

Step 2

Bezel removal

After the four screws have been removed,
open the screen cover. This can require
bit of skill, you can start it up with a
flathead screwdriver. Small plastic latches
the bezel to the screen cover. They
open under pressure. Be careful, too
pressure can break the bezel.


Step 3


Remove the Screen

Identify and remove the four screws in the four corners that hold the LCD.  Next, find the two thick (High Voltage) wires connector for the screen backlight. On some models this can be on the left side. When done, lay the screen face down on the keyboard and try to identify the Data port ribbon cable. This is the last connection between the screen and the notebook.




Step 4

Removing the Data port connector

The cable that brings data to the LCD is always a ribbon cable with a wide connector that can contain from 10 to 30 pins.

Please unplug this connector carefully using a flathead screwdriver and applying pressure gradually on both ends of the connector. Putting pressure only on one end of the connector can create a rotation motion that will bend the pins.  The connector must be unplugged gradually from each end.



To install the new screen, perform the previous steps in the opposite order.